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Fossils Give Peek at Some Real Old Timers
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth
November 2, 2009

Derek Main Fossil Hunter and Dinosaur Digger at Arlington Archosaur Site (PDF File)
Fort Worth Texas Magazine
October 24, 2009

Arlington Fossil Find to go on Display
October 19, 2009

Digging In
August 12, 2009

Texas Paleontologists Uncover a Cretaceous Croc
Smithsonian Magazine
July 22, 2009

100 Million Year-Old Crocodile Skull Unearthed at Arlington Archosaur Site in North Arlington
July 20, 2009

Skull of Crocodile 100 Million Years Old Unearthed
Science Daily
July 16, 2009

North Arlington Fossil Field Yields Prehistoric Crocodile
Fort Worth Star Telegram
July 15, 2009

95 Million-Year-Old Crocodile Bones Discovered in Arlington
The Dallas Morning News
July 14th, 2009

Paleontologists Unearth Fossils in Arlington
July 14th, 2009

Clock is Ticking on Arlington Dinosaur Dig
The Dallas Morning News
March 30, 2009

Lone Star Adventures: UTA Archosaur Project
Fox 4 News
March 23, 2009

Dinosaur Lost World Found in Texas City
National Geographic
March 18, 2009

'Dinosaurs' Class Finds New Fossils at Arlington Site
The Shorthorn
September 17, 2008

'It's a Dirty Job
The Shorthorn
October 9, 2003

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